Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday, December 31, 2016 – Funeral Service for Victor Wilson, Family Dinner

This morning was the funeral services for my brother -in-law, Victor Wilson. We had a viewing an hour before the service in the Relief Society Room. The viewing was followed by the “Family Prayer” offered by one of Vic’s sons, Jay Wilson. There were so many of Vic’s relatives there, it was standing room only. 
The chapel and overflow for Victor Wilson’s funeral service was completely full. The service was a wonderful tribute and celebration of his life. And it was a life full of service to the Lord and to his fellowman. You’ve heard it said of some people that they are “The salt of the earth” or “Without guile,” well, these phases describe my brother-in-law perfectly.
All of the day’s events, the funeral, the grave dedication and the family dinner all went as planned. Sis. Johnson was asked to offer the invocation at the funeral service and I was asked to dedicate the grave. We all stayed at the graveside for about a half hour talking about Vic’s life and his impact on our lives. The same was true of the family dinner in the cultural hall. It seemed no one wanted to leave as everyone enjoyed telling stories about Vic and how he impacted their lives. It was a great day and a great funeral for a great man.

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