Monday, December 26, 2016

Monday, December 26, 2016 – Water Greenhouses, “Pick-up-Sticks,” Facetime with our Family

The day after Christmas and it’s back to work on the grounds of Old Nauvoo for Sis. Johnson and I. The regular paid staff at FM have a three day weekend so they have the day. Sis. Johnson and I, along with all of the other missionaries in the mission are at our usual jobs.  
We started our day watering all of the greenhouses. Some plants don’t need watering very often but most needed a drink this morning.

We worked the rest of the day on the grounds of Old Nauvoo picking up downed branches, logs and sticks. There are a lot of branches down and we completely filled the trailer to overflowing. We didn’t finish all of the grounds so tomorrow we will pickup were we left off.  
It was a beautiful day to work outdoors in Nauvoo. Illinois is having a warm snap, all day it was in the mid 40’s, very pleasant. Last night when I went to bed at 11:00pm, it was 57 degrees outside! Now, that’s warm for Arizona but this is Illinois.
The highlight of our day was the “FaceTime” video call we had with our family. Our son Jared and his wife Tere hosted a family brunch this morning for all of our family in Arizona. Jared said they had 67 people in their house. Oh wait, since their dog, Dakota, was wearing the sweater she received for Christmas, Dakota was counted in the 67!
What a wonderful piece of technology the “video chat” is. We got to see and talk to our family in Arizona (and the dog), in real time for over two hours. It was great!

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