Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday, December 15, 2016 – Five Degrees, Gift, Rehearsal, Clean housing, Mail & Package, Fruit Basket

Today was filled with surprise gifts of all kinds. First we were in our FM prayer meeting at 7:00 this morning and our bosses gave all of the staff and missionaries a Christmas gift. It was a gift certificate at the local “Nauvoo Market.” It’s the only grocery store in town and we are delighted to receive the gift. 
Our next surprise came at the end of the day when we went to the mail room and discovered we had received four letters from our grandchildren, Samantha, Lizzy, Eldon and Sophia.  Wow, what a wonderful surprise. We love our family and we really love getting letters from them.
The next surprise also came in the mail. I received a package with my repaired camera in it. A month ago my camera broke so I’ve been using Sis. Johnson’s camera. The last report from Panasonic Customer Service two weeks ago said they were waiting for parts. Since then I’ve repeatedly tried to get an estimated repair date and they said they were still waiting for parts. Imagine my surprise and delight when the package with my camera showed up today.

The next really great surprise gift came this evening. Sis. Johnson and I received a huge fruit basket from a dear friend in Arizona, Clara Naylor Annis. The fruit basket was delivered to us by a florist in Fort Madison, IA about 15 miles north of Nauvoo.  
You know. . .  Missionaries love packages from home. Well. . .  this package (a fruit basket) was above and beyond the call of duty from our dear friend Clara. Thank you.
Before we started work today we had another “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo” rehearsal at 7:30am.  We met with our director, Sis. Lowe, at the historic Cultural Hall again. We practiced and rehearsed our part for the vignette, “George & Agatha” for almost an hour and a half. It was a very productive hour and a half, we are learning a lot and we are progressing through all of the scenes and more and more lines of dialog. Hopefully we will be ready to perform our new part sometime in January. 
Now about our work day, this morning our day started at 5 degrees above zero!  After our “Rendezvous” rehearsal we started working and the temp was all the way up to 7 degrees! Ouch, that’s cold. Our assignment today was cleaning all of the flowerbeds at all of the Temple Missionary housing in Old Nauvoo.
Seven weeks ago we drove around to all of the Temple Missionary houses and did our first cleaning. But back then there were still a lot of flowers still in bloom so we left them all. Today we removed them all because they are all frozen and dead. Now all of the flowerbeds are cleaned out and looking good.

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