Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday, December 04, 2016 – Snow, Snow Removal, Live Nativity, First Presidency’s Devotional

Snow, Snow, Snow!  It started snowing here in Nauvoo at 6:00AM and didn’t stop until 2:00PM. It was beautiful. But it made for some tricky driving. On our way home from church I have to navigate a small hill about two hundred yards all uphill. No big deal right? Well, our little compact car doesn’t have four wheel drive. That stretch of road took me fifteen minute to negotiate. 
Then when I got to our house, the driveway is uphill too. That little 30 ft. stretch of gravel driveway took me another fifteen minutes to drive up. We sure miss our four wheel drive Expedition.
Sis. Johnson and I were literally snowed in. The road away from our house is all very steep uphill as we leave. I knew there was no way we were going to be able to leave our home but then an amazing thing happened. A city snowplow came roaring down our street throwing snow off the road with ease. He not only plowed our road but since our driveway is a circular drive all the way around our house, he also plowed that steep stretch of uphill driveway that caused me so much trouble earlier.
In the afternoon the snow stopped, so with our driveway and road cleared of snow we were able to do our afternoon errands and deliveries. By then all of the streets on the flats in Historic Old Nauvoo as well as the rest of the town up on the bluff had been plowed and were completely clear of snow. 
This evening we were able to attend the encore performance of Friday night’s “Live Nativity” in the Visitor’s Center west theater. Friday night’s “Christmas Walk & Tree Lighting” was very busy.  Almost all of the missionaries had duties in the various sites which meant they couldn’t break away to see one of the three performances the “Live Nativity” cast put on. 
Like everyone else Sis. Johnson and I didn’t get to see the “Live Nativity” on Friday night so we were delighted to see the encore performance tonight.  I mentioned on Friday what the harp player said. Well, I have to completely agree with her. I’ve never seen a better “Live Nativity” in my life. The set, costumes, makeup, script, music and the performances were wonderful. I can’t say enough about the work that went into making this “Live Nativity” a touching, spiritual experience.

All of the “Live Nativity” pictures in today's entry were taken by Sis. Patty Hutchinson.  Sis. Hutchinson, Sis. Queensberry and I were asked to be the official photographers for the “Christmas Walk & Tree Lighting” event. There were also four or five other very good photographers that took pictures and we will use their pictures along with ours in the “Mission History Report” about the event we will put together.

Today Sis. Johnson and I drove to 6 of the historic sites and delivered the “Thank You” centerpieces Sis. Johnson design until 11:00pm last night. It was tricky, since it was still snowing and there were about four inches of new snow on the roads. 
Then, when the snow stopped and the road to our house was cleared of snow we took another load around to the homes of the last twelve committee heads.

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