Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016 – Cold, Cold Sunrise, 1st Rendezvous Rehearsal, Cleaning the Grounds

The sun came up on a very cold, clean, clear and beautiful morning. When woke up to 16 degrees, we went to work in 18 degrees but we finished our work day in the low 30’s. We enjoyed our work day very much.
We took a break from our normal work routine to go to the historic Cultural Hall for our first “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo” rehearsal. We met our director, Sis. Lowe at 8:00am for a “Blocking Rehearsal.” This will be the first of many one-on-one rehearsals as we prepare ourselves to play the “George and Agatha” vignette. Hopefully Sis. Johnson and I will be prepared and ready to go by the first of the year. 
Our “Rendezvous” rehearsal was a great experience for us this morning. I was pleasantly surprised how well it went. Sis. Lowe has a lot of directing experience and skill. She did a wonderful job teaching two novices how to act. She has a tremendous understanding and command of all things on the stage. She really is a great director. One of her directing skills is patience and she will need a lot of it as she works with Sis. Johnson and I. She did such a great job this morning that we are really looking forward to our next rehearsal.
We put in another full day of work in the cold and we got a lot done. It really helps to have warm clothes, gloves and head gear.  We filled our trailer again with limbs and branches from all over the grounds. We also cleaned flowerbeds and hauled away the weeds, rouge trees and dead flowers from five historic sites and missionaries residences. It was a good day of work.

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