Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thursday, December 01, 2016 – Wreaths & The last Bow, Clean Mower Bldg, Heber C. Kimball home, Women’s Garden, Nauvoo Market for Lunch, Grasses

Once again we put in hours of work in the “B” building tying bows and putting pinecones on wreaths, etc. We hurried to finish so Scott Higley and his crew could continued to decorate the historic sites in Old Nauvoo. Tomorrow everything, all of the historic sites, the fences and door swags have to be done for the big event, the “Christmas Walk & Tree lighting.” 
We went to the historic Heber C Kimball home and watched Scott and his crew put the finishing touches on the building, doors, gate, fence and porch. The house is decorated and the site looks great. Now they are off to the next site to continue their setup work. There is a lot for them to do.
It’s been very cold in Nauvoo for the last few days. It hasn’t been below freezing in the mornings but the day time highs haven’t been over 45 degrees either. However prior to this cold snap we’ve had an unseasonably warm November. At the Heber C. Kimball historic site there are a couple of Witchhazel trees/shrubs that are in full bloom! I thought they were confused by the warm November and were in bloom too early. But the native Witchhazel offers fantastic fall attributes. Fragrant, yellow flowers bloom from October through December. Who knew?!
We finished the morning by blowing all of the Sidewalks at the Visitor’s Center and at the Women’s Garden. Everything needs to be as clean as possible for tomorrow evening’s event and that starts with the Visitor’s center. Tomorrow we’ll be cleaning Main Street.
To celebrate finishing the last bow, the last wreath and the last swag we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at the Nauvoo Market Deli. They have a small lunch counter and they are only open from 11:30 to 2:00. They have very good “hot out of the oven” food. It was perfect on a cold day.
After lunch our last project of the day was in our kitchen at home. We picked some special grasses behind the Scovil Bakery historic Site. Sis. Johnson used them, along with other special greenery she had delivered from Baisch & Skinner on Monday. She designed six large arrangements of greenery and grasses to be the backdrop for the live nativity scene in tomorrow’s program. The grasses will be added first thing tomorrow and we will deliver and set them up in the Visitor’s Center East Theater tomorrow morning. 

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