Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 – Training Meeting, More Bows Wreaths Pinecones & Swags, Decorate Wagon, Mail from Grandchildren

Today was our weekly Mission-wide training meeting, and it was very good. We heard from all three in our Mission Presidency. They all gave us training with very useful instructions. In fact there was so much good training I can’t begin to give it justice here. But briefly, 1st Counselor, Pres. Trythall referenced our MTC training from last spring and how it affected his experience as he served in the Visitor’s Center on Thanksgiving Day. Very powerful training.
Second Counselor, Pres. Pursel spoke to us about the teaching instructions that are available in the front of each site book that most of us overlook. He also tied those pages to the instructions to missionaries on page 8 of “Preach My Gospel.” He concluded by reading from 2 Cor 9:6 and then quoting Pres. Monson: “When the time of performance has arrived, the time for preparation has passed.” His instruction was very good.

Mission President, Pres. Hall, spoke to us about several different topics but his primary message was a report to us about his Mission President’s training he attended after General Conference in October.  There was so much good information and insightful things he taught us that I couldn’t write it down fast enough. I found myself taking pictures of the documents projected on the screen behind him. I will enjoy reviewing the documents over and over again.
At the conclusion of the Pres. Halls remarks he presented his proposal to us of the new Illinois Nauvoo Mission “Vision Statement” that reads, “Prepare, live, and carry out assignments so visitors will feel the spirit in every aspect of their Nauvoo experience.” This is very good, it has a great depth of thoughtful meaning in very few words that sums up what each of our jobs are in the mission.  

We greeted a new Senior Couple to the mission, Elder & Sis. Jones. They hail from Utah and this is there 5th Senior mission. Evidently their last mission was right here in Nauvoo. It was recent enough that Sis. Jones commented she recognizes a few familiar faces that were here when they left the last time. This is very cool; their turnaround time was very quick.
Today was a carbon copy of yesterday, except for the weather. Today was overcast in the 40’s all day. But, like yesterday we worked in doors all day. And, we did the same holiday decorations as yesterday. We tied bows and pinecones on wreaths and swags. Scott and his crew went to the Carthage Visitor’s Center early this morning and got it completely decorated. This afternoon they started decorating all of Old Nauvoo. There is still a lot of work left for them but they did get started.

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