Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016 – Quincy, Baisch & Skinner & Hobby Lobby, Flu Shots, BYU vs Cincinnati, Skype

P-days are great. Sis. Johnson and I got our house cleaning chores done and we were off to Quincy, ILL early to go shopping. Our first stop was at Baisch & Skinner Floral Wholesale. Sis. Johnson needs prices and availability for several decorating items for her big event, “Christmas Walk & Tree Lighting” the second of December.
Our next stop was at Hobby Lobby for the same purpose. Sis. Johnson found and recorded prices on just about everything she needs to decorate for the “Christmas Walk & Tree Lighting.” We also found a few things we need for decorating around our own house for the coming Christmas season.
Our next stop was at CVS Pharmacy in Quincy to get our annual flu shots. They say we “Senior Citizens” need to get one each year but I’ve always questioned their effectiveness. Sis. Johnson and I have been getting flu shots faithfully for the past eight years. However, in those eight years I’ve come down with the flu five times!
Our last stop was for lunch at Panda Express in Quincy. This was my belated birthday dinner from Sis. Johnson.  Nauvoo doesn’t have any “Fast Food” restaurants so it was a treat for us to stop in at Panda Express. 
This afternoon Elder Hacking came over to watch BYU play the Cincinnati Bearcats on my tablet. BYU won 20 – 3 in a good game which brings them one game closer to Bowl eligibility. They only have to win one of their last three games to be Bowl eligible.  All three games are at home so they should win all three. Elder Hacking will be over next Saturday at 2:00PM to watch them play the Univ. of Southern Utah.

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