Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016 – Watering while it Rains, Bows, Baisch & Skinner & Watsons’ Shipment, Decorate Wagon

Another very busy day for Sis. Johnson and I. We did all of today’s jobs in doors because it rained most of the day. We started in the greenhouses because some of the plants there need watering almost every day. 
Next we made more big red velvet Christmas bows and attached them to huge pinecones. These will be used to decorate several sections of white picket fences that line the streets of Old Nauvoo. Sis. Johnson and I along with the FM staff will be decorating Old Main Street and other streets with historic sites. When we finish, they are going to look great for the month of December. Our goal is to have everything done and decorated in time for the big event this Friday evening, the “Christmas Walk and Tree Lighting” program.
While we were making bows in Bldg. B, the large mower shed, Scott Higley & Richard Hancock received their big shipment from Baisch & Skinner Wholesale Florist from Quincy. We helped unload the delivery truck full of wreaths, pine swags and pine garlands. All of these holiday greens and the bows we are making will look great for Friday’s “Christmas Walk.”
We finished our day in building D, a very large building for vehicle parking and storage. It is big enough to hold each of the horse drawn wagons that will be used during Friday’s “Christmas Walk.” We had a lot of good help as we decorated the first of three wagons. There is a lot left to do but today was a good start on all of the decorating.

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