Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesday, November 08, 2016 – Cleaning at Brown home, Wilfred Woodruff Home, Heber C. Kimball Home

We got three sites completely cleaned today. The Wilford Woodruff Home, Heber C. Kimball home and the missionary residence called the Brown home. Thanks to the hedge trimmer, Sis. Johnson and I are much faster now and the work is easier. Each one of these sites would have taken us the whole day in the past but today we did all three. The work is so much faster now. 
We are not only cutting down all of the old dead flowers in the flowerbeds but since we have the hedge trimmer we are also trimming hedges. Imagine that we are also using the hedge trimmer for what it was intended for.
During the past six months since we’ve been working on the grounds here in Nauvoo I’ve been on a crusade against rogue volunteer trees and bushes.  They come up everywhere and anywhere. And, since they weren’t intentionally planted, they are a nuisance and an eyesore. 

Whenever I see a volunteer tree or bush where it isn’t supposed to be I pull it out of the ground roots and all. If it’s too big to pull out of the ground, I cut it off and paint a special chemical around the bark line that is absorbed and kills the roots. Today as we cleaned several flowerbeds at each site I must have killed a hundred volunteer trees. You can add to my many titles: “Rogue Tree Killer.”

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