Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday, November 07, 2016 – Sarah Granger Kimball Home, Pam’s Mtg., Visitor’s Center, Mission President’s Residence
We finished all of the trimming and cleaning at the Sarah Granger Kimball home this morning. We’ve been cutting down all of the Iris, Lilies and grass with hand pruners. These projects take hours and hours. Then, last Friday, Scott said he had a crew clean the entire back garden behind the Jonathan Browning Gun Shop (about 3000 sq. ft) in a half hour. He had them use the gasoline powered hedge trimmer. WHAT! Why didn’t you tell me about the gasoline powered hedge trimmer? 
Well, let me tell you, that gasoline powered hedge trimmer is a wonderful tool. Sis. Johnson and I finished the Sarah Granger Kimball home in only a half hour thank to the hedge trimmer. This project normally would have taken us all morning.

At 9:00am Sis. Johnson had a meeting with the mission’s executive committee in the Mission President’s office. She and Sis. Hacking, the other Co-Chair, briefed everyone about the progress, problems, and solutions to the upcoming “Christmas Walk & Tree Lighting” event. Sis. Johnson is putting in a lot of hours in the planning and preparation stages. It seems that every day she has multiple phone calls or face to face meetings with a lot of people she is in charge of. Sis Johnson is doing a great job.
While Sis. Johnson was in her meeting; I blew the leaves and cleaned the sidewalks of the visitor’s center and the Women’s Garden. Every time I think there won’t be many more leaves tomorrow, I’m wrong. I think it will be months before we finish picking up all of the leaves. As I look around me, it appears that only about half of the available leaves have fallen from the trees. We have a lot of work left.
Our final project of the day was at the Mission president’s Liriope lily beds again. There is a lot of wild grasses growing among the Liriope lilies. They all have to be pulled out by hand. Plus there were dozens of small volunteer tree saplings growing wild in the Liriope bed too. I had to pull each one of them by hand and get roots and all to make sure they wouldn’t be back next year. This time we got the job finished. The Liriope bed looks much better now.

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