Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday, November 26, 2016 – P’day Shopping, Lesson Preparation, Amish Nativity

Today is our P-day (Preparation Day) and we cleaned house, did shopping, and prepared the Sunday school lesson Sis. Johnson and I will give tomorrow. I’ve come down with a cold so I’ve gone through a half box of Kleenex tissues but on the bright side I got to take a nap this afternoon. It was really nice.
Sis. Johnson has collected many nativity scenes over the years and one of her goals this year was to find a nativity that might be unique to our mission here in Illinois.  A week ago Sis. Johnson went shopping at The Allyn House gift shop here in Nauvoo. (See my post about The Allyn House dated:  Friday, Sept. 9, 2016) She came home lamenting that she didn’t buy the Amish Nativity scene she saw there. It would have been a great addition to her collection. I asked her why she didn’t buy it she gave a bunch of non-sense answers like, “I was already in line at the checkout when I saw it, it cost too much, and it was on the top shelf!”
Personally I don’t do any Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve, and sometimes even later. But when Sis. Johnson didn’t come home with that Amish nativity it was time for this husband to seize the moment and spring into action. I said “Dear, why don’t you go back to The Allyn House and buy that Amish nativity, it will be my Christmas gift to you? With a big grin she was off to The Allyn House. Bingo, my Christmas shopping is done!

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