Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 – Mission Trg. Mtg at V.C., Clean the Cultural Hall, Fam. Living Ctr., Lyon Drug herb Gdn, Fresh Bread

This morning at our weekly Mission Training we met at the Visitor’s Center to be taught and trained about giving tours. Elder & Sis. McCoy were our instructors and they are very knowledgeable and gifted teachers. Most people that come to the visitor’s center don’t expect to take a tour; in fact they don’t even know that tours are available. 
Most missionaries assigned to be tour guides in the visitor’s center end up answering questions and giving advice on what to see in Old Nauvoo. Both of these things are good but to take the tour offers so much more. The guest will learn the story of the Joseph Smith’s first vision, the restoration of the gospel, the founding of Nauvoo and the martyrdom and exodus. There is so much to share with the guest that all we have to do is ask the simple question: “Would you like to take a tour of the Visitor’s Center?” 
Back at our regular work assignment at FM we hauled plants again, like yesterday. This time we stored the potted plants in the cellar of the small red brick building on the FM compound property. This small building had a true cellar under it. The difference, according to locals, between a cellar and a basement is the condition of the underground space. If it has finished walls, floor and can be considered “living space” it’s a basement. But, if the walls are unfinished stone and the floor is dirt or gravel then it is a cellar. You can take shelter from a tornado in a cellar but you wouldn’t want to live there.
Today we did a lot of cleaning again. We cleaned the flowerbeds at the Cultural Hall & Family Living Center. We also cleaned the herb gardens at the Lyon Drug. These two locations took our whole work day.
While cleaning at the family living center we went inside for a break and were treated to a fresh baked delight.  Sis. Renee Johnson (Johnson4) had baked fresh loaves of “Visitor’s Center Bread” (I like to call them “Pioneer Bread”) and she shared some with us. Mmmm-Goood! As families visit the Family Living Center, one of the demonstrations they can see is a working “Pioneer Kitchen.” At the end of the tour each of the guests are treated to a piece of “Pioneer Bread.” I love this bread!

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