Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016 – Rain & Work Indoors

Today was a rainy day. It started at 8:00am and let up mid-morning. Then it started again at 2:00pm and didn’t let up for hours. We got an inch and a half all together. It was nice, we like the rain.
We had our usual Wednesday Mission-wide training this morning so when we got to FM to start work it was still raining. Richard, our boss, had Sis. Johnson & I as well as Kiana work all day in the propagation room or in the greenhouses. There is a lot to do indoors on rainy days. After we finished transplanting several trays of rooted cuttings we worked several hours watering, cleaning and weeding the greenhouses. 
Unfortunately there is a lot to do outdoors and today we didn’t get any of it done because of the rain. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. However, the plan is to plant tulip bulbs at Carthage tomorrow; something fun to look forward to.

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