Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016 – Work, Nagel’s final day, Brigham Young Home, Poison Ivy, Transplant Hosta, Anderson’s Freezer

This morning it wasn’t cold at all. When we left for FM at 6:50 the outside temperature was a balmy 67 degrees. Even so, we still worked indoors until the sun came up. We transplanted a few flats of rooted cuttings in the propagation room. Then Sis. Johnson and I were off with Kiana to the Brigham Young home to clean flowerbeds.  
One of the flowerbeds behind the Brigham Young home was full of lilies and weeds that all had to be cut down or pulled by hand. The Fall leaves were so thick Sis. Johnson had to be on her hands and knees to hunt for the lilies and weeds to cut them out. She called me over and asked if some of the weeds she was pulling out by the roots were Poison Ivy. Yes, they were! She had a long sleeve shirt on, long pants, and good gloves so she hadn’t been stung by the Poison Ivy.
However, what gives you the “Sting” of Poison Ivy is an oil the plant has on its leaves and stems.  This can be transferred to anything the plant touches. It can get on other plants, on your clothes, your gloves and shoes. Once the oil gets on your clothes it remains potent and if your bare skin touches anything with this oil on it you can be stung.  As a precaution we went home and Sis. Johnson carefully changed into all new clean clothes.  She was very lucky she didn’t get stung by the Poison Ivy.

 While we were at the Brigham Young home, Richard dug up a dozen or more very large “Hosta” plants. Hosta plants like shade. At the Brigham Young home the plants were getting too much sun all summer and weren’t  thriving like they should. So today we transplanted them in the Women’s Garden near the Visitor’s Center. The flowerbeds there have a big mature tree canopy that will shade them better. 
This evening my cousin, Kathy Anderson and her husband Leonard invited Sis. Johnson and I over to their home.  The Anderson’s are Temple workers. They’ve served their six month mission to the Nauvoo Temple and they are leaving for home tomorrow.  The Anderson’s have been packing all day and they still have to finish cleaning their home, including their refrigerator before they can leave. The Anderson’s asked us if we would like to help them empty their freezer and refrigerator. We were delighted because they gave us a TON of food.
Sis. Anderson gave us an entire freezer full of wonderful frozen food including roasts, hamburger and shrimp. There were four Ziploc bags of grated cheese as well as frozen strawberries and pot pies to mention just a little.  Next Sis. Anderson gave us everything in her refrigerator too. Like I said, there was a ton of food. We really appreciate all of the food the Anderson’s gave us. Sis. Johnson and I won’t have to go shopping for months, literally. At our home, Sis. Johnson loaded our refrigerator & Freezer; it was so full there wasn’t an inch of space left. Thank you Elder & Sis. Anderson for everything. And have a safe trip home.
Today was Elder & Sis. Nagel’s last day of work on the grounds of the Women’s Garden. They’ve been on a six month mission here in Nauvoo and their full time responsibility has been to care for the grounds of the Visitor’s Center and the Women’s Garden. The Nagel’s have been doing a wonderful job but now that they are leaving for home, the responsibility of these two locations will fall on Sis. Johnson and I. We are excited and looking forward to the challenge and opportunity. 

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