Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday, Oct. 31, 2016 – Work and flat Tire, Clean Main Street

I guess we are in a routine at FM. We always seem to start the day with indoor jobs until the sun comes up an it warms a little, then we go to one or more of the historic sites to clean, cut down flowers,  pull weeds and blow leaves. This morning Sis. Johnson and Kiana transplanted begonia rooted cuttings into larger pots before we went outside to work.
Next we work down Main Street to clean the flowerbeds all along several historic sites; the Scovil Bakery, Printing Office, John Taylor Home and Post Office. This was a large job and took the rest of our work day. One of the reasons we are cleaning out all of the flowerbeds before the frost kills the plants is to make way for all of the Christmas decoration that will be going up soon. If we wait until the freezing weather kills all of the flowerbeds, we won’t have enough time to clean them all out before the decorations go up.
During our lunch break Sis. Johnson discovered where the Mission’s “Live” Nativity scene backdrops & manger were stored. There location has been a concern to Sis. Johnson for weeks now. Now, that’s one less thing for her to worry about. But she can’t relax, there are dozens of other pressing issues relating to the Mission “Christmas Walk & Tree Lighting” that she’s in charge of.
After work and before leaving the FM compound for home we took our car to the power washer bay for a good cleaning. They also have a very powerful vacuum for cleaning the vehicles. All of this equipment is available for us to use after hours. Now our car is squeaky clean inside and out. Back home I would have taken my car to “The Carwasher” and it would have cost me $18. Saving money is one of the benefits of serving the Lord on a mission.

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