Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday, Oct. 10, 2016 – Sunrise, Lyon Drug, Tulips

After our 7:00am prayer meeting at FM we were treated to an amazing sunrise over the Nauvoo Temple. The brilliant colors only lasted for a couple of minutes but they were magnificent while they lasted.
This morning our boss, Richard, was a couple of hours late for work, (sick kids) so Sis. Johnson and I spent the time cleaning the flower beds and herb gardens at the Lyon Drug historic site. Last week Richard took me around to several sites and showed me a lot of things that needed cleaning. He said if there were ever a time we needed something to do we should do these cleaning projects.
We finished cleaning at the Lyon drug at 10:15am and I got a text telling us to meet Richard at the Visitor’s Center.  The time had come; it’s time to plant tulip bulbs!
The rest of our work day was spent planting tulips and jonquils (daffodils) in the four flower beds by the East and West entrances to the visitor’s center. Last April, when Sis. Johnson and I arrived in Nauvoo, those four flowerbeds had just started to bloom but they were beautiful.

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