Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 – Tulip Bulbs, Kathleen Milligan, Robert Wright Symbols of the Temple
Today was a full day of planting bulbs. Yesterday we planted four large flowerbeds planted by the visitor’s center and today we planted six large flowerbeds in the “Women’s Garden” adjacent to the visitor’s center.

Today we planted mostly tulip bulb with a few Anemone bulbs and Muscari (Grape Hyacinth‎) bulbs scattered among the tulips for color and style. The flowerbeds will look great next spring. 
Planting bulbs is backbreaking work and Sis. Johnson and I are tired. But we love our assignment to work with FM and we love planting in the flowerbeds. Tomorrow we go at it again but there is rain in the forecast. We may not get to plant bulbs tomorrow; we may catch a break and a chance to catch our breath.
While we were planting bulbs in the flowerbeds in the “Women’s Garden” a senior missionary couple asked us some questions about the bulbs and our service in the mission. They were wearing missionary name tags with the last name of Anderson. They asked us where we were from and I said, Mesa, Arizona. Sis. Anderson said, Oh, we have family in Mesa, they have a flower shop near the temple. It’s called Watson’s Flower Shop! I was very surprised and said, That is our flower shop! She said, then you must know Eva Quist. “Yes I know Eva Quist, she’s my mother!”
It’s a small world. Once again we just happened to bump into a relative or someone we know while working on the grounds. This time it was Leonard and Kathleen Anderson. Kathleen Milligan Anderson is Mary Milligan’s daughter, my Uncle Stuart Quist’s niece. The Anderson’s are serving for six months as Nauvoo Temple workers/missionaries. We had a great visit. It was like a mini-reunion.

Tonight I attended two firesides. In Nauvoo a fireside is called a “Sociable.” Sis. Johnson stayed home and rested after a long day at work.  The first Sociable was with the author of the book “Testament in Stone: Symbols of the Nauvoo Temple and Their Meaning” Robert Wright. He spoke on the symbols and symbolism of the Nauvoo Temple. I learned a lot about the significance and long forgotten meaning of many aspects of the Nauvoo Temple construction. I learned the meaning and significance of the “Sun Stone” as well as the “Moon Stone” and the “Star Stone.” Also, the Angel on top was not the Angel Moroni! And, why the five pointed stars are all upside down.  This was a great sociable!

The next Sociable I attended was by the author, Susan Easton Black. Her topic had the title: “Who will be our Leader.” She chronicled the events in the church before and after the martyrdom of Joseph Smith and the rise of Brigham Young as President of the Quorum of the Twelve to lead the church. She also chronicled the four splinter groups that tried to take over power and what has become of them today. This too was a very good sociable. I’m glad I went to both of them.

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