Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday, Oct. 21, 2016 – Frost, Transplant Begonias, Mow at Carthage

On our way to work we discovered frost on the car. This is only the second morning this fall that has had frost. The first frost in Nauvoo was a week ago on Thursday the 13th. But it was only one day and then a warming trend brought record heat. Well, today the cool weather is back.
Since it was so cold Richard, had the work crew (Richard, Kerri, Sis. Johnson and Kiana) work in the greenhouses transplanting the Begonia rooted cutting into larger pots. Sis. Johnson said it was nice to be inside & out of the cold. Later in the morning they went back to the “Family Living Center” site and finished the cleaning project we started yesterday.
I spent my day mowing in Carthage. Once a week, usually on Friday, I drive southeast 25 miles to Carthage. The leaves are falling more and more so the grass catcher on the mower gets full of leave quickly and has to be dumped more often.  This means my Carthage mowing that used to take me five hours, now takes about seven hours. 

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