Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016 – Cleans House on Bluff St., Sarah Granger Kimball Home Cleanup, Temple

Today was another long hard day of work. Not as hot as yesterday but still a very full day for Sis. Johnson and I. We started off by cleaning around a home on Bluff Street, just around the corner from the Temple.  This home is the residence of a senior missionary couple, Elder & Sis. Evens. They are proselyting missionaries in the Des Moines, IA Mission. But since their mission doesn’t have a grounds keeping department, they contract with FM to maintain their homes.  
Sis. Johnson and I had help cleaning the flower beds of Elder & Sis. Evan’s home. We had two of FM’s high school age employees with us. Their names were Joseph & Hyrum. Joseph is waiting for his mission call which will arrive any day now.
The flower beds of Elder & Sis. Evans were full of weeds and wild grasses that all had to be pulled by hand. The worst part were the trees that had come up as volunteers everywhere.  If these trees were left to mature, they would get so big they would knock the home right off of its foundation.  Some of the small ones could be pulled out, roots and all. But, the larger ones had to be cut off at the ground and then soaked with a “tree stump killer” to make sure they would completely die.
Next we went back to the historic Sarah Granger Kimball home to finish cleaning and pruning back all of the Peony plants. Yesterday we only got about halfway done. We finished the job today.
While I was cleaning leaf litter under one of the trees at Sarah Granger Kimball’s home I discovered a mass of Lady Bugs. I think they were planning to use the shelter of the leaf cover to winter-over. There were literally thousands of them all over the ground.

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