Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 – Training Meeting, Oxalis, Bows

Today was our weekly mission-wide training meeting. Sis. Cluff was one of the speakers and she told the story of giving tours in the Wilfred Woodruff home to visitors interested in learning more about the church. I liked her comment. She said: “When I testify of the Savior Jesus Christ, the Spirit takes over and the guest can feel it.” 
Because of the mission training meeting, Wednesdays are always a short day of work. Plus it rained all morning so we had an even shorter work day at FM. Because of the rain, Richard Hancock sent Sis. Johnson straight home to continue her project of making bows for the Christmas decorations FM will be putting up all over Old Nauvoo.
Sis. Johnson has finished making 130 of the large #40 bows. FM needs 200 of them made. Then Sis. Johnson has to make 100 more bows with the narrower #9 ribbon. That will make a total of 300 bow to make all together.

To stay out of the rain, Richard and I worked in the greenhouses all morning. We cleaned and swept the greenhouses. As well as weeded and pruned the potted plants.  Our biggest job was pulling a terrible weed that overtakes the potted plants. The weed is “Oxalis” and looks like clover but it isn’t.
Oxalis, also known as “Wood Sorrel,” is a perennial weed. The mature seed capsules open explosively when disturbed. So, without the aid of wind, animals or birds the weed can spread its seeds all over the greenhouse as if they were fired from a canon. Keeping this weed under control in the FM greenhouses is a never ending job.

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