Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thursday, October 06, 2016 – New Arrivals, Sarah Granger Home, Pres. Bair, Potting, Cleaning, Coleus Rescue
This morning we were introduced to five new couples that have just arrived in the Nauvoo Mission. They each stood and told us about themselves and where they are from. When they were finished, we sang “Welcome to Nauvoo” to them. This is our beloved song we sing that opens “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo.” We sing a version to the newcomers that has been modified just for them. As a sample, here are verses 4 & 5:
5.  Smile a while – wooh, have a jolly laugh or two – wooh
We can tell, you’ll fit well, in Old Nauvoo
Well, welcome to Nauvoo
We’ve waited for your service here with anticipation
Now that you’re here, we’ll have a celebration

6.  Well, welcome to Nauvoo
We’re mighty glad to work and serve with you.
We’ve polished up our mission work,
Our scripts we’ve studied, too.
We’re ready to show off with pride

The best of Old Nauvoo.
At our mission training meeting, the mission’s 2nd Counselor, Pres. Trythall gave us an excellent lesson on “Simplify to Intensify.” He took his remarks from a Mission President’s Seminar from last January, presented by Elder W. Craig Zwick of the 70. He said “The message of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is remarkable, simple and powerful.”  Amen to that!

At work this morning we returned to the historic Sarah Granger Kimball’s home to finish the job we started yesterday. We spent a couple of hours cleaning up of the gardens in front of the home. We finished just in time; it started to rain. Our next job was indoors.
I spent the rest of the work day in the greenhouse potting rooted cuttings of Begonias. Sis. Johnson worked in the “Propagation Room” cleaning, washing and sterilizing pots for all of the rooted cuttings we have to transplant. Both of us did these same jobs yesterday so we are getting familiar with the various duties we have and how to do them.
When we finished work we discovered that Richard and his crew were hauling away all of the “Stock” Coleus plants. These are the plants Richard has been taking cuttings from to propagate the next generation of Coleus plants for next spring. He has harvested thousands of little rooted cuttings. There are hundreds of varieties, all with different colors. From the outside they still look beautiful but in reality they are old and root bound. They simply won’t last until next spring so Richard’s staff was hauling them all to the compost pile. It’s a shame they have to go but they’ve served their purpose and we just have to let them go.
Later we stopped by the “Sewing Room” and Sis. Johnson was fitted for a new dress for her new part as “Agatha” in Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo. Sis. Johnson is real excited to get a new dress because this one fits perfectly.

Our final stop of the day was a Temple session in the Nauvoo Temple. It is always a privilege to attend theTemple, recharge our spiritual batteries and to serve our ancestors.  Today we had two family names Grandma Ross sent us. Thanks Marilyn, we’ll get the finished cards in the mail to you.

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