Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016 – Clean: Family Search, Temple Parking, Casey Cluff home, Ripley Street

All day Sis. Johnson and I worked on Nauvoo sites and homes cleaning trimming, pruning and killing rogue trees. Our first two stops were next to the Temple. The “Family Search” center has a flowerbed that FM is responsible to clean. While Sis. Johnson and I were cleaning it we were greeted by Michael Badard. He and another co-worker clean the parking lots and mow the grass around the Temple. 
Michael is a local resident and he and his co-worker were using their lawn mowers to pick up the leaves in all of the parking lots. As we were cleaning the flowerbed across the street from the Temple on the south side, I discovered that the parking lot isn’t just a “Lot,” it’s a two level parking structure. The second level is below ground. Who knew?
Our next stop was at the home of Bishop Casey Cluff. This house had a lot to clean up and it took us about two hours to trim all of the bushes, clean the grounds and kill all of the volunteer trees. There is a hedge on the south side of the house but it had never been trimmed before. I got to use the gas powered hedge trimmer and gave it a serious haircut.
Bishop Cluff is the former director of all of FM. He took a promotion and is overseeing the facilities maintenance for all of the Temples east of the Mississippi. It’s a big job but Bishop Cluff didn’t want to pull his children out of school and relocate them in Atlanta GA, nor did he want to be released as the Bishop of the Nauvoo 1st Ward so his family still lives in the home provided by FM for the Director. Bishop Cluff commutes to Atlanta.

There are a dozen or so homes on the bluff in Nauvoo that need cleaning. Today after lunch we got one of them done. We will continue to do them as our time allows. The one we did had three large Boxwood bushes that needed trimming. They look great now, I love using the gas powered hedge trimmer.

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