Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 – Warm, Pine Cones, Wreaths, Swags, Wagon, Christmas Walk

A warm front has moved into Illinois and today’s high was 15 degrees above normal! It was a beautiful, clear day but we still worked in doors all day getting ready to decorate Old Nauvoo and Carthage for the Christmas season.
All morning Sis. Johnson and I were in the “B” building again working on all of the pine cones, bows, wreaths, swags and garlands. This brought back a lot of fond memories for us as we would put in long hours working in our flower shop back in Mesa, AZ. The scent of freshly cut pine boughs filled the air as our hands would become sticky with pitch as we handled the pine cones and pine boughs. Good memories are great but getting the pine tar off of our hands is still just as difficult.
Tomorrow Scott will take a crew of men to Carthage and get the Visitor’s Center all decorated for the holidays. We got everything he needs ready and it’s lined up by the door, ready to go.
After lunch Sis. Johnson delivered supplies and ran other errands relating to the “Christmas Walk and Tree Lighting” on Friday. I was in the “D” Building again decorating the second of three wagons. (Tomorrow we will decorate the last one.) Again I had a good crew to help me and the work went well.
At tonight’s performance of “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo” we only had 5 people attend. As we get closer to winter we can expect smaller audiences but they say this is a little early to only have 5 in attendance. There is a rule about performing “Rendezvous” to small audiences. The rule says, if anyone shows up, even one person, the show goes on!

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