Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016 – Bowing Leaves and Trimming Hedges, Snow, Kiana’s Last Day, Shopping

This morning was overcast and much warmer, if you can call 18 degrees warmer. By the time we were working it was 24 degrees but the wind-chill made it feel like ten degrees colder.
Our first assignment this morning was with four of the young service Missionaries and FM staff. We blew leaves from the hedges behind the “Land & Records” office. Then Hyrum Hallman and Elder Gearheart used the big vacuum and dump truck to suck them all up. I used my hedge trimmer to trim and shape the hedge but we ran into a problem, SNOW.
Halfway through our morning project it started to snow pretty hard. The ice and snow made the work slippery and too difficult to continue so we had to retreat to the FM compound before the job was done. It was fun working in the snow while it lasted. Since I’m from the deserts of Arizona I’ve been looking forward to working in the snow of the mid-west. Today I got my chance; it was fun while it lasted!
The snow shut down all of FM projects and Sis. Johnson and I were sent home early before the roads became impassable. The hourly forecast showed this small storm letting up but a very large snow storm would hit the area around 3:00pm and lasting until Saturday. So, Sis. Johnson and I took advantage of the short work day and did our Saturday shopping a day early. We drove to Keokuk, IA and got home before 2:00pm, well before the big storm was forecast to hit.
Tonight on our way to our performance of “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo” we had light freezing rain. Not as bad as forecast. With all of the road still passable our whole cast and the audience were all able to make it to the show without a problem. And speaking of guests, we had two new couple that arrived in the Illinois Nauvoo mission yesterday. We were all very happy to meet, greet and welcome them to Nauvoo and our “Rendezvous” show. In addition we also had a family attend the show tonight that came all the way from Sydney Australia! Wow. It’s summer “Down Under” but they are handling the cold very well.

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