Saturday, December 24, 2016

Saturday, December 24, 2016 – Foggy Christmas Eve, Clean Stake Center, Mission Christmas Eve Dinner

We woke up to a very foggy Christmas Eve morning. It stayed foggy almost all day. The official low temperature overnight was only 34 degrees but we still had frost on the car and the parking lot at the FM compound was icy and slippery everywhere we walked. To be safe I did the “Old Man Shuffle” to get around.

We started our day doing our weekly cleaning assignment at the Stake Center. It was very easy because the usual trash and litter wasn’t there. We figured out why; all of last Sunday’s meetings were cancelled because of snow and ice. I guess we could have stayed home but we were diligent in our assignment and everything was cleaned a second time even though most of it didn’t need it.
Next we went to the FM compound to check on the plants in the propagation room. We moved some that were getting too big for the germination racks into the greenhouse. We also watered everything that needed watering today. We will re-check things Monday, all of the plants in the greenhouses should be OK until then.
This evening we had the Mission Christmas Eve Dinner at the Stake Center. It was a beautiful evening, delicious dinner and Christmas Eve program.  For many of the Senior missionaries this may be their first holiday away from family and loved one. This evening’s dinner and program helped all of us feel the spirit of the season, enjoy the company of loved ones and maybe have a little bit of home away from home.
Sis. Johnson woke up this morning with some cold symptoms. By afternoon she had a bad sore throat, a raspy voice and a cough and sneezing. This evening she decided to stay in bed and not contaminate the other Seniors at the Mission Christmas Eve Dinner. The plate of food I brought her home wasn’t the same as being there but at least she got to have a very nice meal even though she didn’t get to go. 
In the evening we got to Skype our son Ernie and grand-sons in Australia. Even though it is Christmas eve in the US, it is already Christmas morning in Australia. The timing works out perfectly. When it is 8:00pm in Illinois, it is already 10:00am Christmas morning in Australia. We had a wonderful visit with them.  It is wonderful to get to see and talk to our family on Skype. Technology is amazing.

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