Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 – Final full day of training, Auditions at the Cultural Center
Today was our last full day of formal training with our entire group that arrived in Nauvoo last Friday. This morning we received instructions from Bishop Casey Cluff. He is the director of “F.M.” (Facilities Management), the division Sis. Johnson and I will be working for as we maintain the grounds in Carthage.  We call him Bishop because he happens to be the Bishop of one of the Nauvoo Wards.

Bishop Cluff gave us a video presentation of the church’s restoration of Nauvoo for the past 120 years.   It was very fascinating and inspiring. The Lord truly is in charge of the work here in Nauvoo.  For example, after the saints left Nauvoo, the city block where the temple originally stood was cut into 8 smaller lots, all owned by different people or churches including the Catholic Church and the RLDS Church. The brethren finally negotiated the purchase of the last piece almost a half century ago.  When Pres. Hinckley announced the Nauvoo Temple would be rebuilt in 1999, I had no idea the church had drafted plans to rebuild the temple dating back to the 1950’s!


Bishop Cluff talked to us for almost an hour and a half detailing the Lords hand in all of the land acquisitions, renovations, reconstructions and future plans. This included the tireless efforts of a few faithful members of the church who, for decades, would finally negotiate the purchase of a historic lot or building and then gift it to the church.

What we have here in Nauvoo today is no accident.  It is a master plan by the brethren with the guidance of the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit.  This “Master Plan” for Nauvoo actually exists on paper. It is being followed and runs through the year 2039. Why 2039? That will be the 200th anniversary of the Saints arriving in Nauvoo!

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