Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 – Cleaned tool shed, weed eat, Dump, Bushnell House mowing

Spring is definitely in the air in Illinois. We had light showers overnight and this morning everything was clean, crisp and delightful. Trees are in bloom, flower beds are brilliant with color and I enjoy the fragrance a lot. 
We put in another full day of hard work today.  I used the weed eater all over the Visitor’s Center grounds were the lawn mower couldn’t go yesterday. It felt like I must have walked five miles.
While I was using the weed eater, Sis. Johnson cleaned and straightened up our tool shed. It may not sound like much but it is a tough job for a woman that is an interior decorator to make a tool shed look good! And she did make it look good!
Next, we were off to the dump/burn yard again. This time our dump truck was completely full to the brim. It is a dirty job and since we had rain last night, everything was covered in mud including Sis. Johnson & I.
This afternoon I drove the lawn mower a few blocks away to the “Bushnell House.” The Bushnell House was donated to the church by the Bushnell family. It is very large and the church is putting it to good use. It has been remodeled to have six apartments in it. It is currently being occupied by a senior couple, Elder & Sis. Horlacher. The Horlachers (Richard & Cheryl ) are tour guides in the Carthage Visitor’s Center. The other apartments are occupied by companionships of YSSM’s (Young Single Sister Missionaries).

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