Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday, April 16, 2016 – Temple, Historic sites

We started today off right. Since it is our P-day, we attended a session at the Nauvoo Temple with our niece and her husband, Christi & Leonard Starks. We enjoyed the session and afterward we gave ourselves a mini-tour. We saw a collection of Nauvoo Temple artifacts on display. That was an amazing find. I would have taken pictures but sorry, no cameras allowed in the temple.
Also in attendance at our endowment session were three men from the Marshall Islands. The Marshall Islands are in the middle of the south pacific half way between New Guinea and Hawaii, way out there in the middle of nowhere. As we visited with them we discovered that the audio of the temple’s session is available in hundreds of languages including Marshallese. These three brethren wore headsets so they could listen to the session in their own language. Marshallese is spoken by only 44,000 people on the whole planet and it is one of the languages available to temple goers around the world!
After the Temple session we spent the rest of the day with Lennie & Christi visiting several of the historic sites around Nauvoo. One of Christi’s favorite stops was the Family Search Center and the Land & Records office. Christi & Lennie were able to pull their 4 generation pedigree charts at the Family Search Center. Then, we went to the Land & Records office where Both Lennie and Christi found 4 ancestors each that lived in Nauvoo between 1839 and 1846. They each left the Land & Records office with CD’s burned with all of the information on each one of their ancestors. This was one of their favorite places to visit.
Late in the evening the historic sites closed so we stopped in at the Hotel Nauvoo for their “All You Can Eat” buffet. The food was wonderful but the company was better. We enjoyed our time at dinner with the Starks.
Our last venue was the production of “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo” in the historic Nauvoo Cultural Hall. This is the play that is put on nightly in Nauvoo and tells the story of life in old Nauvoo with music, song and humor. The cast putting on tonight’s production is the same cast Sis. Johnson and I have been assigned to. We’ve been practicing with them for the past week and a half. Sometime next week, ready or not, we will probably be in costume and one the stage ourselves. 

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