Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saturday, April 2, 2016 – Grand Tour, General Conference Sessions

This morning started our first day of orientation.  We had breakfast with the Mission Presidency, their wives and all of the District & Zone Leaders and their wives. Next we went to the Mission President’s home for the start of our orientation. We were also given a tour in the mission vans of most of the points of interest in and around Nauvoo. We saw so much I probably won’t’ remember it all but I’m sure, with time, Sis. Johnson and I will get real familiar with everything.
One of our stops was the “Family Living Center”. It was a very large and fascinating building. It is used to demonstrate all of the day to day skills a family of the 1830’s / 1840’s would need to get by. They demonstrate candle making, spinning and weaving, barrel making, cooking, rope making, etc. As families visit the center they spend 10 to 15 minutes in hands-on demonstrations at each of the stations. As they learn how the pioneers lived, the visitors get to make candles, ropes, bread, fabric, etc. and everything they make, they get to take home with them.  Chances are, after Sis. Johnson & I are finished with our assignment in Carthage as grounds keepers; we may get to be one of the couples that give these demonstrations each day. I’d like that assignment too.

This morning’s tour with the mission presidency had to be cut short. Today is the first day of General Conference and we were all able to watch conference at the Visitor’s Center or at the local Stake Center or at our homes on our computers. Next Monday the orientations will restart with a full day of training.

Conference was wonderful as usual. Sister Johnson & I really enjoyed all of the messages that were presented today and look forward to watching conference tomorrow. The brethren and sisters that speak to us are truly inspired to give us messages and counsel that we need in our own lives.  

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