Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016 – Work at Bushnell House, Dinner with YSSM’s, T&J’s house fire
The highlight of our day was our dinner appointment with two of the YSSM’s (Young Single Sister Missionaries). Just like in our home ward, a list was sent around to sign up to feed the missionaries. Sometimes in a home ward the available spaces are not all filled in and the missionaries don’t get fed every evening. But that isn’t a problem here in Nauvoo/Carthage. With 60+ senior couples all wanting to feed the missionaries the YSSM’s are well taken care of.

The sisters we had over for dinner were Sis. Wood (from West Valley City, UT.) and Sis. Goble (from Killeen TX.) They are serving here in the Carthage Visitor’s Center so we get to see them on occasion. Sister Goble is a new missionary but Sis. Wood was here a year ago and served mainly in Nauvoo. Sis. Johnson prepared a wonderful spaghetti dinner for us. It was Mmmm Goood! 
After our dinner appointment, Sis. Wood & Sis. Goble are assigned to work in the “Teaching Center” in the visitor’s center computer room until 9:00PM. They will be on the computers “Chatting” on LDS websites with people from all over the US and around the world. They will be discussing the gospel, teaching lessons, answering question, following up on previous chats and collecting referrals.
Today was another full day of work at the Bushnell House. I finished the mowing & weed eating and Sis.  Johnson finished raking and bagging leaves from the flower beds. We finished just before the rains came. It was a downpour and lasted until late in the afternoon so we weren’t able to take our loaded dump truck to the dump/burn pile. If it isn’t raining tomorrow we’ll go then.

This evening we were shocked to see our daughter-in-law, Tere Johnson, in a “Selfie” with a fire truck in her front yard. It had fires hoses running into her house! The AC air handler in the attic caught fire. Thankfully everyone got out OK and no one was hurt. Tere told us later on the phone that the damage is mostly water damage but it is very extensive. The family, Jared & Tere, sons Ethan & Tyler are spending the night in a hotel.  Their other son, Kyle is in Texas with his other Grandpa. Our love, support and prayer go out to them.

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