Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday, April 23, 2016 – Plant flower bed, St Louis, MO. YM’s tour

Early this morning, Sis. Johnson and I planted our flower bed in the front of the house. It turned out very nice. There are geraniums, alyssum, petunias, and pansies. In the back of the house we planted four tomato plants in the garden plot there. We found out from our boss at FM that we may have some of the leftover bedding plants when the Nauvoo grounds staff have finished all of the planting in May. We are very excited to get more flowers for our flower beds.
This morning we had a large group of Youth arrive at the visitor center. They rode their bikes in from Nauvoo this morning. I talked to one of their leaders; they are a Ward Youngman’s group from St. Louis, MO. They camped in Nauvoo at the State Park last night. Early this morning they all biked from Nauvoo to Carthage, about 23 miles. There were 15 youth and four leaders. After they loaded their bicycles, they all went into the visitor’s center and took the tour of Carthage Jail. They were a great group of Youth and leaders. They said they do this every year with the young men, what a wonderful tradition. It’s only 185 miles from St. Louis to Nauvoo. What a wonderful blessing to live so close to this historic and sacred place and to be able to bring youth here every year.

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