Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016 – New Sister Missionaries, Christi & Lennie Starks

Sis. Johnson and I spent to whole day pulling leaves out of the hedge & tulip bed, 15 bags full!  It was a two Advil day, oh my back!
Our niece and her husband, Christi & Leonard Starks arrived this morning for a three day visit. They are celebrating their 22nd anniversary.  Sis. Johnson and I kept working on the leaves in the hedge while Christi and Leonard took the tour of the Carthage Jail. Next they plan to go to Nauvoo and start seeing the historical sites there. We will be spending a lot of time with them on Saturday, our P-day.
Today, Pres. & Sister Hall arrived at the Carthage Visitor’s Center with about 20 young Sister Missionaries. They have all just arrived in the past few day and they are getting a tour the whole mission from Pres. & Sis Hall. For the next six months they will be assigned to the Visitor Centers in Carthage and Nauvoo as tour guides and proselyting missionaries. 
Like all young Sister Missionaries they serve for 18 months. But they will only be here in the Nauvoo Mission for their first six months, the tourist season. Then, they will be transferred out to missions all over the USA for the next six months. The final six months of their missions, they are all re-gather here to finish their missions during the heavy tourist season of the summer months. It's a wonderful experience for them, they love it.

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