Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday, April 14, 2016 – Deer, Supplies at FM,
Today we went to the dump again, then to the John Deere dealership again and then in to the FM (Facilities Management) offices in Nauvoo to pick up a long list of supplies. When we returned to Carthage we still had time in the day to work on pulling leaves out of the hedges & tulip beds. This is really back breaking work. Advil helps!
Last night Sis. Johnson & I had practice for one of the musical plays we are in. We have a lot to memorize. It still seems overwhelming to us but I am confident we will manage the singing and dancing somehow.

On our way home to Carthage from play practice in Nauvoo it was dark and the advice of one of the other Senior missionaries came to mind as we started off. He cautioned us to drive carefully and watch out for deer on the road after dark.  Well it happened only a mile away from home. We saw three large deer on the right shoulder of the road as we went by at 55 MPH. I put on my brakes to slow down and then, in an instant, there were two more deer in my headlights right in the middle of the road. They bounded across the road in front of us. I would have hit them broadside if I hadn’t slowed down.  A second later we saw two more on the left shoulder of the road. It was a frightening moment, it happened so fast we could have hit two of them. Our prayers for a safe drive home were answered big time. Prayers are heard and answered, they work.

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