Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday, April 29, 2016 – Mowing at the Bushnell House, Old homes of Carthage

Our daily work schedule is becoming very predictable. We mow and clean the grounds at the Visitor’s center twice a week, Monday & Thursday. We mow and clean the grounds at the Bushnell House twice a week, Tuesday & Friday. The unpredictable part is rain but this week the rain didn’t through the schedule off.  It rained twice, first it rained all day Wednesday, but Wednesday isn’t a mowing day so it didn’t mess up our schedule. Then it rained Thursday overnight but by Friday morning it was dry enough for me to be back on the mower and Sis. Johnson had the sidewalks cleaned and ready for that day’s visitors. 
Today was the Bushnell House’s turn for mowing. Sis. Johnson stayed at the visitor’s center all day cleaning the parking lot while I mowed at Bushnell. I loaded all of my tools in the little black trailer and towed it behind the mower. It worked great. 
We drive in to Nauvoo four evenings a week for play practice. Tonight we rehearsed “Sunset by the Mississippi”. The road we take to Nauvoo is called The River Road. Lately every time we’ve driven it we’ve noticed families of geese with their goslings beside the road. Usually we pass them to quickly catch a picture of them but this evening I got my photo opportunity. There were three families of geese crossing the road and all the traffic had to stop for a minute or so.

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