Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 – First full day of work in Carthage

Today was our first full day of work on the grounds at the Carthage Visitor’s Center. We were at work by 7:00am and the temperature was 32 degrees, nice and chilly. This is the work Sis. Johnson & I have been called to do and we are soooo excited to get started. 
We both started work by sweeping all of the sidewalks and washing the bird poop off. What an improvement. 
Sis. Johnson worked the rest of the day on one of the hedges and tulip flowerbeds.  All of the flowerbeds and hedges are still covered in last fall’s leaves and desperately needed to be cleaned out. The first of several is all done. Sis. Johnson did a very good job, it looks great.
Most of the morning I picked up tree limbs, sticks & twigs in preparation for mowing. In the afternoon I sprayed weed killer (Round-up) on all of the walks leading to the Visitor’s Center. The walks are all paved with red bricks and tons of weeds grow in the cracks between the bricks. 

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