Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday, April 28, 2016 – Rain, Tulips Damaged

My new rain gauge got put to good use last night. Until midnight last night a tremendous thunder storm rolled through our area. We got three quarters of an inch of rain.
But, it wasn’t the ¾ of an inch of rain that is the story this morning. It was the powerful wind with it. Big drops of rain carried by 40 mph wind can wreak havoc with a garden. This morning Sis. Johnson wanted to cry. About half of all the beautiful tulips have lost their petals. They really look sad, Sis. Johnson said, “It was a massacre!”
Of course we knew this was going to happen about now anyway. Tulip petals don’t last forever. Over in Nauvoo the tulip beds are further along than here in Carthage. Most of the tulips in Nauvoo have lost all of their petals.

Next week all of the tulip beds in Nauvoo will be stripped of tulips and replaced with bedding plants for the summer. We were told the flower beds in Carthage will be the last to get the new bedding plants.

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