Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday, April 24, 2016 – District Meeting, Peonies Plants in bud

Once a month, usually the third Sunday evening, all of the districts in the mission have a training meeting.  Since Sis. Johnson and I live in Carthage, we are in the Carthage district.  For now there are three couples in the district. However, by the end of May there will be two more couple added to bring the total to five. There are six YSSM’s (Young Single Sister Missionaries) living here in Carthage too but the YSSM’s have their own separate districts from the Senior Couples. 
Tonight we had our Carthage District monthly  training meeting at the Bushnell House. The meeting started with dinner and it was very good. Sis. Johnson’s assignment was the dessert, “Blondies”,they are kind of like “Brownies” only blond.  A training meeting can’t go wrong if it starts with good food and good friends.
The Theme of the training was on The Holy Ghost. Each of us took a heading from “Preach My Gospel” pg. 89-102 and taught about it. Sis. Johnson spoke about The Personage of the Holy Ghost. Mine was on The Gift of the Holy Ghost. Others spoke on The Power of the Holy Ghost, The Holy Spirit of Promise, Gifts of the Spirit, etc.

I want to emphasis how blessed all three couples feel about being assigned to work and live in Carthage. This place holds such deep historical and spiritual meaning for us and all Latter-day Saints. During tonight’s training on The Holy Ghost, each of us referenced our comments to the powerful feeling of the Holy Ghost we all feel as we work and serve here. This place is truly “Hallowed Ground”. We are so very blessed to be here.

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