Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 – One Year Anniversary, Day’s Work, Illness in the Mission

Today Sis. Johnson and I hit our one year anniversary mark of our mission. A year ago today, March 21st, we entered the MTC in Provo to begin our 18 months of service to the Lord. At the time we had no idea how much fun we would have singing and dancing in our performances and how hard we would be working as groundskeepers in both Carthage and Nauvoo. We did know that we would make new friends and be richly blessed beyond our imagination. It’s been a wonderful year as missionaries for our Savior Jesus Christ. We are looking forward to the next six months.
To celebrate our one year mark Sis. Johnson and I treated ourselves out to lunch. Usually we “Brown Bag” our lunch so eating out is a real treat for us. There is a bakery here in Nauvoo that we enjoy on occasion. It is the “Nauvoo Mill and Bakery” and they serve a wonderful soup in a bread bowl.
At work today we did more of the same things we did yesterday. We cleaned and blew the leaves at four historic sites, the Browning Home & Gun Shop, Brigham Young Home, The Brick Yard, and Lucy Mack’s Home. I’m still amazed at how many Fall leaves there still are that need to be removed from each of the sites.
There is a lot of illness going around and there are over a dozen Seniors down with the flu and other maladies. With so many Seniors out, it puts a strain on each casts as they perform “Rendezvous” each night. Sis. Lowe has to rearrange the cast lineups & assignments each night as word come in of more missionaries unable to perform because of illness.
Tonight Sis. Lowe had to bring in a different “Jed” from the “Lucy Mack” cast to fill in for our “Jed” who was out sick with “Type A” flu. But the casts are so thin that our substitute for tonight show, Elder Hipple, arrived in the mission just three weeks ago. Tonight was his very first performance as “Jed.” Elder Hipple did a great job; he performed like a seasoned veteran. He was great.

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