Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017 (Post 2 of 2) – Elder Swain’s last Day, Transplanting Zinnias,  Floral Arrangements for RS Re-enactment, Two Rendezvous Shows, Little Rock Arkansas Stake Youth Conference, Elder Lindeburg’s Gift to Sis. Lowe
At this morning’s FM prayer meeting Elder Swain was presented an FM keepsake flag as a parting gift from Jordan Bodily, FM’s Director. Elder Swain has held down several positions at FM and has done a great job and given many hours of tireless service. Elder Swain and his wife will be going home next Monday. Well done Elder & Sis. Swain, and thank you for all of your hard work and dedicated service to the mission.
We finished our work week doing the same thing we’ve done all week, transplanting seedlings. Today we transplanted Zinnias. I’ve always liked Zinnias. Back in Arizona I always grew them in my flower garden and we used them in the floral designs. I especially like Zinnias because they are one of the few flowers that can tolerate Arizona’s blistering summer heat. 
Sis. Johnson was asked by Sis. Hopkin to make a floral centerpiece for this afternoon’s “Re-enactment” of the organization of the “Female Relief Society” in Nauvoo in 1842. Of course Sis. Johnson was delighted to make the flower arrangement. It turned out very well. In fact there were some left over flowers and Sis. Johnson put them in small Mason jars for the window sill in the Red Brick Store. She ended up using every stem of flowers. 
After the Re-enactment was over Sis. Hopkin gave the large centerpiece to Sis. Hall the Mission President’s wife. She also gave all of the small window sill flowers to each of the sister’s that had a part in this afternoon program. A nice tribute to all of them for their hard work, practice and excellent job of portraying those early saints that formed the original Relief Society of the church.

Tonight for our performance of “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo” we had a huge turnout of guests. There were two tour bus loads of youth and leaders from the Little Rock Arkansas Stake in attendance so that required two shows. The second show started at 8:15pm just fifteen minutes after the first show got out. Sis. Johnson and I played “George & Agatha” and this is our first time to give two performances back to back on the same night. Actually, we liked it because in the second show we were able to correct all of the mistakes we made in the first show. 
The youth and leaders from Little Rock and all of the other families in attendance were a great audience, they laughed, cried, clapped, cheered, tooted and hollered. Sis. Johnson commented that this was the first time since she’s played Agatha that the audience CHEERED as the doctor, played by Elder Rober, said, “We’ll take care of her. I’m afraid we’re going to have to take her away!”
After the final show Elder Lindeburg made a special presentation to our director, Sis. Lowe. Elder & Sis. Lowe are leaving for home next week. Elder Lindeburg made the presentation on behalf of all of the cast members that have been under Sis. Lowe’s patient training and watchful eye.
Elder Lindeburg rescued part of the trunk of the huge Ash tree that was cut down a month ago (See Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017). The old Ash tree stood as a sentinel beside the Cultural Hall for 110 years. It had to be cut down because it became decayed in the center and posed a hazard. But Elder Lindeburg used a slice of the trunk to fashion a clock face, sanded, finished and polished it. It was a beautiful gift. Thank you Sis. Lowe for all the hours you put in teaching us to be good performing missionaries so we can share our love of the Savior and the message of the restoration of the Gospel Jesus Christ.

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