Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017 – Cleaning the Reader Boards, Shopping & Bald Eagles, Beauty & The Best, Pelicans & Sunsets

Sis. Johnson and I were assigned with our district (the Van Horns, Spradlins) to walk the “Trail of Hope” and clean all 30 of the reader boards. So early this morning while it was still very cold we all met to walk and clean the Trail of Hope. Well, it was too cold and windy to walk so everyone was running between reader boards. I think we set a record for the fastest completion of this assignment ever. 
On our way to go shopping today we say three Bald Eagles along the river road to Keokuk. These are probably the same three we saw last week. It looks like most of the Bald Eagles have moved up north. When we arrived in Nauvoo in April last year we saw a few Bald Eagles. Hopefully we will get to see these last stragglers for another month or two. We enjoy our shopping drive and seeing eagles sore over the river.

This evening we treated ourselves to dinner and a movie! Since we’ve been on our mission this is only the second time we’ve gone to a movie. As many of you know Sis. Johnson LOVES all things Disney and she loves “Beauty and the Beast.” She has been looking forward to the new live “Beauty and the Beast” movie since the release date was announced months ago. We simply could not miss the opening weekend!
After the movie we enjoyed dining at a Mexican food restaurant. We do like Mexican food. On our way home from our dinner and a movie we were struck by a scene of hundreds of Pelicans over the river right at sunset. It was amazing and spectacular. The pictures don’t do the Pelicans justice as their “V” shaped flight formations dipped and bobbed over the water. It was a beautiful aerial ballet.

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