Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017 – Sis. Johnson is sick, Rick, Transplant Celosia, John Freeman, Easter Mail
Sis. Johnson has been on the mend since Monday but today she isn’t doing as well. She’s lost her voice again, has a sore throat, cough, headache and feels very bad. She was hoping to be well enough by Saturday to perform as “Agatha” in our Rendezvous show. If she has a good Friday and Saturday she’ll still be about to perform on Saturday night. We’re hoping and praying.

This morning at our FM’s prayer meeting Rick McGregor gave our spiritual message. Bro. McGregor is the grounds keeper for the “Community of Christ” historic sites here in Nauvoo.   He’s been attending our prayer meeting each morning for the past couple of weeks. FM’s Director, Jordan Bodily, asked him if he would like to be added to our rotation of spiritual message assignments. He was delighted to accept so this morning was his turn. 
Ricks spiritual message was very good. He thanked our leaders and staff for all of the help we’ve given the Community of Christ on their grounds. He is the only grounds keeper and our assistance is very appreciated. He complemented all of us for our attitude of cooperation and help to make Old Nauvoo beautiful. He pointed out that both of our churches have a common beginning and early history and we both seek to establish Zion.  He thanked us for the spiritual messages he hears each morning as they help prepare him his day of work. 
This afternoon I got a surprise phone call from John Freeman. He’s the father-in-law Ann Tweddle Freeman, an employee of mine I hired two decades ago to work in our flower shop. John Freeman and his wife Terry are in Nauvoo visiting the sites with Ann’s daughter, Isabelle. I had a very nice visit with the Freeman’s. They will be heading home in Colorado Springs on Saturday. Sis. Johnson and I love Ann Tweddle Freeman and are so glad to have met her in-laws and daughter. 
On my way home from work I stopped at the mail room and discovered a package from Jim & Betty Burk, Sis. Johnson’s parents. It was an Easter Basket (less the basket) complete with candy eggs, chocolates and a greeting card. We love being surprised by receiving mail and packages from home. Thanks Mom & Dad for the package.

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