Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday, March 10, 2017 – Jordan Bodily’s B’day, Greenhouse flowers need a haircut, Chamomile Seedlings

This morning’s prayer meeting at FM turned into a party for Jordan Bodily’s birthday today. (Jordan is the Director at FM.) A lighthearted celebration was put on by Trischa from FM’s accounting department and Marcus Allen, FM’s number two man, who spoofed Jordan and gave him a bunch of funny gag gifts.  Afterword the doughnuts and chocolate milk were no spoof, they were very good.
Today Sis. Johnson and I were back working in the Greenhouses all day. One of the projects was to give a couple different varieties of plants a “Haircut.” Once again, all of the various plants scheduled to be put in the gardens in May are doing too well! They are outgrowing their pots, growing too fast and blooming too soon.
The plants we gave “Haircuts” to were the Sweet Potato Vines and Summer Wave (Wishbone Flower) plants. We had to cut them back about 80% because they are so big they are crowding their neighbors for sunlight. Also the excess foliage over the pots sheds the water we give them causing some of the plants to get too dry. With this “Haircut” they will be much happier and manageable. Over the next two months we will be doing this to many more varieties.
Today we also did more transplanting of seedlings. This time it was Chamomile, Myosotis Ultramarine (Forget-me-not) and Angelonia Serenita. These will be great additions to the flowerbeds this spring and summer.

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