Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017 – First Day of Spring, New Workers, First “Sunset By the Mississippi” Rehearsal

Yahoo!!! It is the first day of spring! And spring has definitely sprung, “sprung up” that is. Sis. Johnson and I worked all day on the grounds and it was wonderful. The weather was gorgeous, the birds were singing and the flowers are starting to bloom. In Arizona I’m used to only two seasons of the year, beautiful and hot. But in Illinois there are definitely four seasons and spring has arrived and the air is full of new life, cool mornings and song birds. 
During prayer meeting at FM this morning we were introduced to two new employees and two new missionaries. The two new Missionaries are Elder Pettit and Elder Jardine. They arrived in Nauvoo on Friday March 3rd. They have both finished their two weeks of orientation and site training and now they are ready to go to work.
The two new employees are for the spring and summer seasons. They are John Irwin and Jack Hallman. Jack is the older brother of Hyrum Hallman that worked for FM last summer.
This evening we had our first “Sunset by the Mississippi” practice. For the next seven weeks we will be polishing our dance routines and memorizing the songs for this summer time favorite of Nauvoo. I thought tonight’s practice went very well as we made it all the way through one of our production numbers. Of course we were very rough but we’ll get better with practice.
Sis. Rober is our director and she has already spent months preparing and fine tuning the songs and routines for these spring rehearsals.  She has a life time of experience in performances in dance and theater. She really knows her business; she’s doing a great job! She’s going to have all of us “Old Folks” in tip top shape and in performance mode in no time. “Sunset by the Mississippi” this year is going to be great and a highlight for anyone’s visit to Old Nauvoo.

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