Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017 – Snow, Daylight Savings, Zinnia & Salvia Seedlings

We woke up to snow. Since we are from Arizona we love the snow. And it continued to snow almost all day, just not very much. The outside temperature was 32 degrees all day so the snow stayed on the ground but didn’t last on the asphalt or sidewalks, which is a good thing. A pretty white blanket of fresh snow always looks so beautiful. We love it.
Yesterday the nation, including Illinois went to daylight savings time so we “Spring forward” an hour. Since Sis. Johnson and I are from Arizona this is the first time we’ve had to adjust our clocks. Arizona is one of the few places in the US that DOES NOT have to change their clocks each spring and fall. I guess daylight savings time is OK for people that live in the Midwest because they like more sunlight in the summer. But in Arizona, sunlight in the summer is our enemy; it can kill you, literally! In Arizona we don’t want to “Save” sunlight, we can’t wait until the sun goes down so we can finally do activities outdoors. 
All day today Sis. Johnson and I transplanted Zinnia and Salvia seedlings in to 72 cell “Pony Pack” trays. ALL DAY. I’m not complaining, in fact we are getting very fast at it and getting a lot of work done. We did over a thousand seedlings again today. However, I’ll be glad when the snow melts and we get to work outdoors again. A change is as good as a vacation.

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