Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday, March 25, 2017 – Eagles on the Mississippi, Mail from our Grand Children

On our drive to Keokuk to go shopping we saw two Bald Eagles perched in the trees beside the road. It looked as though they were watching the river for their next meal. In the past we’ve been very lucky and we’ve watched them swoop down and pull a fish out of the river with their talons. We love to see Bald Eagles during our drive.
Today we checked our mail box and we had a bonanza! We received seven letters from our grandchildren from two different families. The seven letters include the pictures drawn by the little ones that can’t write yet. Our granddaughter, Delaney went above and beyond the call of duty and wrote three letters herself.
In his letter, our grandson Alex, sent us “Flat Stanley.” He is part of a school project. We have been asked to show “Flat Stanley” a good time, have our picture taken with him in front of landmarks, and describe the things “Flat Stanley” does and sees while he is with us. Then, we mail him back and our grandson can give a report on were he’s been and what he’s done and seen.
Sis. Johnson and I already have plans to take “Flat Stanley” with us to the Log School House were we will be giving tours Sunday afternoon. We plan to have our picture taken with him in front of the Nauvoo Temple and other important locations in Historic Old Nauvoo. I think our grandson, Alex, will have plenty to tall his classmates about when “Flat Stanley” returns to Mesa, AZ. “Flat Stanley” doesn’t know it yet but he’s going to be a missionary.

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