Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday, March 24, 2017 – Plant Plug Shipment, Nauvoo Medical Clinic, Dr. Anthony Wasielewski, Clifford & Katherine Dahl

This morning I was at it again transplanting Richard’s latest “Plug” shipment. Richard had to leave for a while and when he returned he asked me “How are you doing?” I answered: “I’m just “Plugging” away! That was supposed to be funny. 
The list of “Plugs I transplanted included, Lantana, Begonias, Lobelia, Vinca Major, Alternanthera, Canna Cannova, Impatiens and my favorite, “Vinca Jam’s N Jellies, American Pie Mix”.
Anything with American Pie in its name has got to be good.
Sis. Johnson didn’t go to work again today. She was a little bit better but still doesn’t have her voice back completely. Yesterday we made a doctor’s appointment for this morning and the results of the test came back negative, she does not have the Flu! That is very good news but she does have a nasty cold that has caused a sinus infection. The Doctor prescribed a medication regimen including antibiotics. I think that will help her a lot.
The most distressing thing about Sis. Johnson’s cold and loss of voice is her having to miss tonight’s “Rendezvous” show. This will be her first time to ever miss a “Rendezvous” show and what’s worse, tonight was our turn to play “George & Agatha” and we will have to miss that too. That is a real bummer, Sis. Johnson and I really enjoy paying “George & Agatha.”
Tonight at our performance of Rendezvous I had another one of those Nauvoo moments where I bumped into someone I haven’t seen in years, quite by accident. This time it was an old friend from almost 20 years ago in the Alma 5th Ward in Mesa Arizona. His name is Clifford Dahl and his wife Katherine and their son are visiting Old Nauvoo for spring break. They just happened to get tickets for our second show of “Rendezvous” tonight.
Back in 1999 in the old Alma 5th Ward, Cliff was my Executive Secretary. We had a wonderful time tonight reminiscing about the old days in the Ward and the Stake. Today Cliff and his family live in Batesville Indiana which is about six hours from Nauvoo. I’m always amazed when I bump into old friends by accident here in Nauvoo. What a surprise and what a pleasure. 

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