Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 – Transplant Salvia & Celosia, Richard planting seeds for Lyon Drug Herb Garden, “Pi” Day – 3-14

Another very full day of transplanting seedlings in the propagation room. We finally finished the last of the Salvia and then we started on a new flower named Celosia. I am very familiar with Celosia; I used to grow a lot of it back on my flower farm in Mesa, AZ. In our flower shop Celosia was always a popular flower because of its varieties of colors and the beautiful spiked flowers. 
After we finished transplanting seedlings into the “Pony Pack” trays I did a quick inventory of the trays laid out in greenhouse #3. There are more trays in greenhouse #4 (The Hoop House). But just the trays in greenhouse #3 contained 14,104 plants in dozens of varieties. That’s a lot of plants we’ve transplanted in the past few months.

While Sis. Johnson and I have been transplanting seedlings; our boss Richard Hancock has been planting heirloom and specialty seeds for the herb garden at the Lyon Drug historic site. These seeds are very unique and are really going to enhance the herb garden, flower beds and new arbor.

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