Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday, February 08, 2017 – Snow, Post Office, Mealy Cup Sage Seedlings, Birds, Sunset

What a beautiful day in Nauvoo. We had snow off and on all day and we finally topped out at about three inches of the fluffy white stuff.  It was just gorgeous. 
This morning we stopped by the Nauvoo Post Office to mail a lot of Valentine cards to the grandchildren. When we got there the lady that is usually behind the counter was shoveling snow off of the sidewalk. I took over the sidewalk shoveling so she could help Sis. Johnson with all the postage. There was only about an inch of snow on the sidewalk at the time. It reminded me that I was going to have to shovel my own sidewalk off when I got home.
All day at work we transplanted Mealy Cup Sage seedlings, about 600 of them. There are still a lot to finish but I don’t really think we will ever finish our work in the greenhouses. There is a lot to do before spring planting.
All fall and winter I’ve been filling the bird feeder at our home a couple of times a week. Sis. Johnson pointed out that there is a large bush about 30 yards away that is always full of sparrows, probably 15 to 20. They are always there all day. I noticed it takes them a while to figure out that I’ve filled the bird feeder. About a month ago I started whistling to them each time I went out to fill the feeder. It didn’t take the sparrows long to associate my whistle with more food. Now when I go out to fill the feeder and whistle for the first time, there is a great commotion in the bush and the sparrows begin to jump about and start chirping back to me. They can’t wait for me to finish filling the feeder so they can start eating.
I thought the snow was beautiful this morning but we were in for more of Heavenly Father’s beauty this afternoon. On the ground around the bird feeder we had 7 cardinals feeding as well as a couple of woodpeckers. I never tire of seeing these beautiful birds.
Next, the snow stopped and the clouds parted. The first thing Sis. Johnson and I saw in the early evening sky was a beautiful sunset over the new snow.  And then, to top off the evening show, Sis. Johnson and I were treated to a magnificent moon rise; just gorgeous. The actual full moon won’t be until Friday when there will be a penumbra lunar eclipse as well. You have to love Illinois in the winter for all of God’s beautiful creations.

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