Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017 – Bald Eagles & Pelicans, Stake Conference

Another shopping trip on P-day and another beautiful drive on the river road watching Bald Eagles fish in the Mississippi River. Every weekend for the past couple of months we’ve seen Bald Eagles along the river road but this week there were only half as many as last week. Even so we still saw a dozen Eagles today. 
It is rare for us to actually see an Eagle fishing and pluck a fish right out of the river. Today was the second time we’ve witnessed it happen. Then, with the fish in his talons he flew over to a log and ate the fish while we watched. Very fascinating.
This evening we attended the Saturday evening session of Stake Conference here in Nauvoo.  We were very honored to have a visiting General Authority preside, Elder Joseph W. Sitati. It was a very good meeting and the spirit was very strong as we listened to all of the speakers as well as Elder Sitati. We look forward to tomorrow morning’s session.

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